Key Activities

Member companies will have access to at least 4 capacity building sessions each year. These full-day events will focus on equipping members with the skills and tools required to engage in sustainability. The events range from entry-level sessions on the relationship between business and biodiversity, to more issue-specific sessions, like how and why companies should address plastic pollution in their operations.

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In order to foster communication and collaboration amongst members, B-DNA has developed an interactive map to showcase conservation projects across Thailand. This map offers B-DNA’s stakeholders the opportunity to view Thailand’s most important biodiversity and conservation areas, as well as the initiatives being undertaken by IUCN, Toyota and B-DNA members to address environmental issues across the country. Members are encouraged to use this map to identify opportunities for collaboration, and to communicate with other members through the B-DNA platform.

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Marine plastic pollution has quickly evolved to become the most widespread global challenge facing our oceans today. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans annually, threatening ocean health, food safety, human health, coastal tourism and contributing to climate change. Following the current course, that number is set to double by 2030. Thailand is one of five countries responsible for around 60% of the world’s marine plastic pollution.

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Habitat loss and fragmentation is currently the leading cause of extinction across the Asia region and the world. As habitats become smaller and smaller, broken up by cities, roads, plantations, and crop fields, animal populations become more isolated from one another and from new resources. When animals cannot meet other animals, or find new sources of food, they cannot survive, bringing the species closer to extinction. In order to combat these extinction pressures in Thailand and support biodiversity, B-DNA will develop a nation-wide Stepping Stone Forest project.

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