Dr. Wijarn Simachaya

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand.

Dr. Wijarn is a great asset to the Thailand Bio-Diversity Network Alliance advisory committee. His main responsibilities at MoNRE Thailand are natural resources and environmental plans, strategy development, and international cooperation on natural resources and environment issues. He is also a representative of the ministry of various UN, Sub-regional, and ASEAN forums. He has worked as a leader of green growth and government reform strategy development for Thailand.

Dr. Wijarn serves as a chairman of Thailand’s long-term strategy (20-year plan) on natural resources and environmental management, including water resources management, sustainable forest management, together with pollution control management and environmental governance for the Ministry.

Dr. Wijarn has been a supervisor of 16 departments and public organizations of the ministry, along with the 76 provincial offices for natural resources and environment throughout the country.